Prof. Yiannis Bakouros
Head of The Institute of Civil Protection

A Chemical Engineer graduated from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in 1981 and received his Ph. D. in Management and Administration in 1988, from the University of Bradford, in the UK. He worked as Production Manager, Technical Advisor, Sales Manager in Industrial and Distribution Enterprises and Consultant Companies. He has also been a member of the board of Directors and Technical Advisor of a Textile Company. He has been a Visitor Associate Professor of the Industrial Management Division at the Engineering School of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and University of Thessaly in Greece. He was a Key member of the development team of Thessaloniki Technology Park and Director of its Vocational Training Center and one of the Founders of Thessaly Technology Park. He has also served as Chairman of Eureka National Project Coordinators during the Greek Eureka Presidency. He was a Coordinator of Regional Innovation Pole of Western Macedonia and a Former member of the board directors of Alexandria Innovation Zone of Thessaloniki.

Evangelos Katsaros,
Mr. Evangelos Katsaros, born in 1973, is an experienced researcher and a PhD candidate at the University of Western Macedonia at the topic of Emergency Logistics. He is a chemical engineer, graduated from National technical University of Athens. He has a Master Degree in Methods of Industrial Analysis and Planning from University of Thessaly. Rich professional and research experience of more than 20 years. Expert in civil
protection. European Commission evaluator in security and SMEs.
Experienced project manager in research and interregional / transnational, cross border projects of various topics ranging from regional innovation strategies and product development to logistics, transport and civil protection. His research interest are mainly disaster risk reduction, civil protection and emergency logistics. Member of Greek Technical Chamber of Commerce.

Amalia Kouskoura

Amalia Kouskoura is a graduate of the Department of Political Science of the Faculty of Law in the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (2006). In 2010 she aquired her master’s degree in Political Analysis in the Department of Political Science. She was a fellow of the Foundation “Christos Vrakas” throughout her undergraduate studies. She worked as an external researcher in surveys and participated in the Scientific Group which performed the planning, the collection and the analysis of statistical data for the Prefecture of Thessaloniki. She has been working as a trainee at the Planning Bureau and European Projects of the municipality of Panorama in Thessaloniki. Since 2015 she is a Doctoral Student at the Department of Recently she was the Vice Governor for Development, Entrepreneur Mechanical Engineering researching the “modeling of regional policies with emphasis to less favorable regions”. During those last years she has participated in a number of projects, seminars and workshops on Regional Development, Smart Cities, Smart Specialization Policies, Regional Innovation and Foresight.

Anastasios Andronikidis

Anastasios Andronikidis is a Ph.D. candidate in Innovation Man-
agement and Entrepreneurship at the Department of Mechanical
Engineering at the University of Western Macedonia. He acquired his bachelor’s and his master’s degree from the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department at the University of Thessaly. In his Acceleration Program he thoroughly studied about Management of Organizations, Strategic Marketing, Managerial Economics, and International Human Resources Management. He was honored with scholarships and awards from the Ministry of Education (Greece), D.A.A.D. German Academic Exchange Service (Germany), and the University of Thessaly (Greece). His quality educational foundation in Computer Science / Electrical Engineering from the University of Thessaly (Greece), and in Entrepreneurship field from i4G (Greece), as well as his hands-on research experience, make him a strong researcher. His aspiration is to work in teams in order to solve a problem, divide work efficiently and support each other in order to achieve the best results.

Eleni Kalliontzi

Eleni holds a Postgraduate Specialization Diploma in‘’Βio-ΜedicalΕngineering’’, obtained from the University of Western Macedonia. Her Bachelor Degree is in “IT and Telecommunications Engineer”, obtained from the Polytechnic School of the University of Western Macedonia.
She has been involved in EU funded research projects such as the “BALANCE: Large Scale Earthquake Management at Western Balkans through Joint Cross Border Cooperation Activities’’ and Green Rural Green funded by the EUKI Programme.

Kleomenis Papadiakos

An Informatics and Telecommunications Engineer of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering in the University of Western Macedonia, specialized in IT Hardware and Web Development. Has interests and experience in a wide variety of fields including: IT Support and Network Management, MS Office(Visual Basic), Web developer (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress), PC/Mac and smartphone repair services and CCTV Installations. Has been involved as a technical Associate in the University of Western Macedonia for the developement of an investment proposal evaluation tool,within the framework of the EU Project “GREEN RURAL DEAL: Sustainable Smart Transition Strategies for Rural Municipalities”, for the European Climate Initiative-EUKI, 2021-2022.

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