Some of the services provided by the Civil Protection Institute are:

  • Support of the Region of Western Macedonia and the Decentralized Administration of Western Macedonia – Epirus in the utilization of available resources to support civil protection bodies, as well as in the optimal planning of the actions of the programming periods (e.g. 2021 – 2027). Especially in application of Law 4662/2020 on Civil Protection and the guidelines of the European Union.
  • Support of Municipalities, Regional and National Bodies in protecting their development and social policies from natural, technological and man-made disasters, as well as from the effects of climate change.
  • Creation of a modern educational environment with emphasis on modern technologies for the training of civil protection executives, members of local government bodies, members of voluntary organizations, business executives of the private sector and citizens on civil protection issues.
  • Transfer of know-how from other sectors (e.g. innovation, transport, logistics) in the field of civil protection with appropriate adaptation and support of technological monitoring for civil protection operational bodies.
  • Assisting public and private sector bodies (as well as Non-Governmental Organizations) in planning, organizing and evaluating exercises, as well as emergency simulations.
  • Assisting public and private sector bodies in exploiting project results, exercises, facts and good practices for the optimization of civil protection operations.
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