The University of Western Macedonia, realizing the very important role of civil protection in achieving and maintaining economic and social development at Regional, Interregional and Cross-border level, proceeded to the establishment of the Institute of Civil Protection (IPP), within the framework of the University Research Center (PEK).

The Institute is an ongoing Centre of Excellence for the scientific support of civil protection related operational bodies and policy makers on these. Indicatively, it will conduct applied research and offer scientific and technological support to civil protection bodies. Emphasis is placed on Regional and Interregional level but also on a Cross-Border level, as the Region of Western Macedonia is a “Border” region of the European Union and a gateway for the transfer of know-how to Western Balkans region and even more broadl

Both the University and the Region of Western Macedonia can acquire with the Institute of Civil Protection an important role in the wider era of Southeastern Europe. Applied research and cross-border and multilateral collaborations will improve the security of the wider region, while the organization of important research and operational actions and events will enhance the image of the region as a pole of research and innovation.

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